Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blogging News: Blog Title Change

Hey Guys! So this is a quick post because I just wanted to get the chance to explain why I changed blog name and URL of my blog.

So when I first started this blog I had NO Idea what I was doing. It was actually one of my more impulsive decisions and I don't consider myself to be impulsive :) But the name has been bothering me for awhile I don't really know why I even chose it. I'm just not that creative when it comes to names!

This new name  has a lot of meaning to me because at first I was going to name it Chloe's Bookish Adventures but went with Coco as a tribute to my mom. She's gave me the nickname when I was little, but was also the one who inspired and pushed my love for reading. The Bookish Adventures part comes from blogging. I've only been doing this for two short months but have already encountered so many new and wonderful experiences.

So I hope you guys aren't TOO annoyed with me but this is a change I had to make and one that I am VERY happy with :)

Oh! now that I change my URL I have to start over again with Bloglovin followers so I would really appreciate if you guys could follow me, thanks.

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Happy Reading,

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