About Me

Welcome to My Blog!!!                

About Coco's Bookish Adventures:

  This blog is basically me having a place to talk the books that I am reading usually Young Adult (the only books I really read).

  Coco's Bookish Adventures features reviews or books that I look foward to reading, and is also a place where I hope that people will feel comfortable leaving comments and giving me their opinion.

About Chloe: 

I am a 17-year-old full time student. I currently don't have a job, even though I really want one, and most of free my time is devoted to reading.

When I can finally take time off from homework or reading I like to:
    -Watch movies(my favs are Action and Comedy)
    - Listen to music
    - Shop(maybe a little too much)
    -Watch TV (Go Dance Moms!!!)
    - Playing with my little cousin Gyasi

But despite my "busy" schedule I am happiest sitting on my bed with my cat Bella and reading a good book.


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I love getting comments from you guys! It totally makes my day :) I promise to reply to as many as possible and if you're a fellow blogger, leave you link so that I can come visit you!