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Review: Die for Me by Amy Plum

Die for Me (Revenants, #1)Die for Me (Revenants #1) by Amy Plum
Release Date: May 10th, 2011
Publisher: HaperTeen
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 341
Source: Library
Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

In the City of Lights, two star-crossed lovers battle a fate that is destined to tear them apart again and again for eternity.

When Kate Mercier's parents die in a tragic car accident, she leaves her life--and memories--behind to live with her grandparents in Paris. For Kate, the only way to survive her pain is escaping into the world of books and Parisian art. Until she meets Vincent.

Mysterious, charming, and devastatingly handsome, Vincent threatens to melt the ice around Kate's guarded heart with just his smile. As she begins to fall in love with Vincent, Kate discovers that he's a revenant--an undead being whose fate forces him to sacrifice himself over and over again to save the lives of others. Vincent and those like him are bound in a centuries-old war against a group of evil revenants who exist only to murder and betray. Kate soon realizes that if she follows her heart, she may never be safe again.
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Life is too short.

Life is to short for me to force myself to read this book. I mean, I REALLY hate not finishing books. When I don't finish them it bothers me for a very long time. So it just seems easier to get the book  over with and move on. But I have my limits! This is the first book in the series so I don't feel like I have an obligation to finish it like I do with other books.

"What?!" You say: "Chloe, you didn't finish it. Then how can you say you didn't like it" 

Look I TRIED. I really did and I made it to about the halfway point but once I started to do chores just so I had an excuse not to read the book. That's when I knew I had to stop. I every time I see this series somewhere its going to bother me. And I hate that.


Theres not many for me. The only thing that I liked about the book was the setting. I think its really cool when authors try to give books unique settings, and the story being set in Paris was pretty cool.


Ugh! You know, I've relied on Goodreads and the people who review on Goodreads to help me find my next book, so that I can avoid situations like this. An when I see the the book has an average of 4 STARS and everyone and their mom says that they LOVE IT. Then I think "Oh! Well this must be a good book" but no. Just no. I mean even now I'm looking through Die for Me's, and I can't help but wonder if there's something wrong with ME. Why am I the only one who doesn't like this.

Some bloggers have this book listed as their favorite series, on the others liked the first one but said that the second and third are worse. WHAT?! It gets WORSE?! HOW?!

OK. so I probably should say what I didn't like about. Well lets starts with Kate. I can't like a book and not like the main character. And I did not like Kate. She was just so....ugh! There was nothing to her character, she was just so boring. Same with Vincent, the only thing I liked about was his name. I mean I know he was supposed to be all mysterious and whatever. But I was just not buying it.

The secondary characters were okay. I actually kinda liked them. They were a heka lot more interesting than Kate and Vincent, I tell you that. And with  different writing than they could have been a lot more interesting.

I CAN NOT STAND INSTA-LOVE! And that's basically the romance between Kate and Vincent is. No getting to know each other. Nope, none of that. It went to them meeting then not being able to live without one another in like, 60 seconds. Annoying.

I think my eyes almost fell out of my head from rolling them so much.

I definitely commend Amy Plum and on trying to be original with who whole undead revenants thing. But zombies ARE. NOT. SEXY. They just aren't. Do you know how many times I've heard "Zombies are the new vampires" and do you know what I say to that "NO!".    

Final Thoughts:  

Look, I'd like to say that I totally respect Amy Plum as a writer and did not mean to offend anyone at all with the rant. But I just did not like this book. And as far as recommending the book, I don't. However, I really don't think that matters because everyone seems to like it but me. So if this is you type of book. I say go ahead and read it.    

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  1. I am still kind of hesitent about reading this book. I like the cover, but the synopsis doesn't really hook me onto the story.


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