Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blogging News: Blog Design Change (Again)

Hey Guys! I don't know If you've noticed (or care) but I changed the design of my blog!

This is actually the third time I've changed it....and I've only been blogging for two months. I know. I'm REALLY indecisive. Seriouly. Its a problem. The first one was really boring and I had it when I was just getting the hang of blogging, so there wasn't much too it.

The SECOND one I liked but it wasn't really me. So I changed it again. AND I LOVE IT!

happy hugs
                                                                  Gotta love Friends. 

Yep! I was this happy when I finished it. It's so me. Dark. But not too dark. With just the right mix of pink, purple and black (with a little white and gray mixed in). Actually, I was inspired by the theme of my own bedroom.

Anyway, this probably doesn't matter to you. But I just wanted you guys to be aware how much I change mind-If or when I change the design of my blog again. But at the moment I am RIDICULOUSLY happy with the way it is now. :)

Tell what YOU guys think about it in the comments section!

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