Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Post!!!

This is my first post on a blog. EVER. And I wanted  to start by introducing myself and the website, so here we go.

 My name is Chloe Lee. I am 17-years-old girl, currently a Senior in High School and OBSESSED with books (and also fashion and music, but what teen girl isn't). I started getting into reading when I was in 7th grade when a girl who sat next to me introduced me to the Twilight series. Of course since then i have branched out to many other fantasy novels, YA being my favorite. I know that people have many different opinions about Twilight but good or bad that book is what has allowed me to immerse myself in myself into reading and stories and to really find a joy in it.

   Now I've started this blog because I am tired of reading all these books an having no one to talk too about them. On this blog I plan to mainly be reviewing the books that I am into at the time. Mostly of the YA genre. And I really hope this allows me a comfortable place to dicuss what I am reading with anyone who is interested.

Happy reading,


  1. Yeah!! Welcome to the book blogging world!!!!

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  3. Welcome to the book blogging community Chloe! (:

  4. YAY!! Another new book blogger! I just started too!

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